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Let’s talk data backup. Data backup simply means a copy of your data is replicated to another device or location. It’s vital to ensure your backup solution allows you to recover all your files, software and functionality quickly, easily and without corruption.


Unfortunately, we are now a far cry from properly protecting your SME in the form of slapping a one-size-fits-all back-up service in place and calling it a day.


Many of the systems we assess contain common vulnerabilities that could, when exploited, introduce serious business impacts:


Privacy Issues

Information theft and data manipulation can hugely damage your company’s functionality, reputation and revenue – especially given that you may be questioned and fined.


Loss of customer support and partnerships

Remember how we spoke about damaged reputation? Not taking care of data is sure to make customers lose their faith in you, as well as any prospective businesses.


Diminished productivity

A stressed workforce who are now forced to troubleshoot this disaster – not just IT, this problem stretches out to Managers, Operations, Business Development, Sales, Marketing and beyond – are not going to be working at their most effective. Their time will be spent apologising, rebranding and in some cases, tackling the lawsuits which have ensued.


No organisation can afford to accept such devastating results of data loss. And with ever more complex base systems, pure back-up restoration can’t always keep up with technology (what was fine yesterday, may not be so dandy today) and systems and data can sometimes only be partially be restored.


That’s not good enough: the solution is to go for a comprehensive data loss and recovery test, which can then be repeated periodically to make sure that data can always be recovered fully –  without issues.


Oh, and did we mention our cyber security assessments can ensure just this? Find out more