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With the rise of a BYOD (bring your own device) culture, many employees are using both personal and company devices for their work. These tablets, laptops or smartphones often contain very sensitive data: contracts, account numbers and prices related to your clients, to name just a handful.


So with up to 5% of company devices lost or stolen each year, how can you understand how information is captured and prevent it from happening?


It all starts with endpoint protection. Our endpoint security uses next-generation technologies to mitigate possible attack paths on wireless devices. By using behavioural analysis, device protection strategies, encrypted hard drives and remotely managed devices, we can make sure your data isn’t compromised by the use of portable devices.


Of all the devices, your personal or work mobile is often the easiest to lose. Sure, this can be irksome at the best of times, but a misplaced device containing important company info is disastrous if it gets into the wrong hands. So what more can you do to protect against this nightmare scenario?


As part of bullet-proofing your iOS and Android mobile devices against such data security breaches, we can provide everything you need for mobile security in one package: anti-malware, anti-theft, mobile backup, VPN and mobile device management.



By partnering with us, all mobiles can be fully covered, whilst still allowing the greater flexibility, boosted productivity, and increased workplace satisfaction that the BYOD movement brings. Get in contact to find out more.