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Strategic IT Consulting in London
Our bespoke IT discovery workshops and cyber security assessments uncover the value of your current digital operations and security. With cyber attacks and security constantly changing, it’s a good thing we’ve got you covered.

IT Consulting Workshop

By asking a few short, non-technical questions about your business, our discovery workshops confidently ascertain your current IT environment in a report which gives a realistic view of how you could benefit.


Aimed at CEOs and management, this tool will rate how well your organisation compares to others in relevant industries and gauge the ability of your IT operations to execute its top priorities.

Cyber Security Assessment

By running one of our advanced security assessments, we discover any vulnerabilities to your critical systems and network, ensuring you’re aware of information theft and damaged reputation – yes, it is our business to keep you looking good!


Let’s get personal: your security report will then be created with your unique requirements in mind, formulated to withstand an ever-evolving threat landscape and keep out even the most committed hackers.

We come to you

Whether it’s for an IT discovery workshop or cyber security assessment (or both!) a dedicated member of our team will come direct to your office and check out your technology landscape.

Measure where you could go

If you opted for an IT discovery workshop, we will ask you a few business-focused questions to check how you are managing and executing your IT in line with your most important objectives.

Lock-down your security

During a cyber security assessment, we will pinpoint any underlying problems and ensure that your organisation complies with both internal and external security requirements.

Tailor-made report

Learn how your existing IT operations support your company and how you can achieve more. For cyber security, we will give specific action points which ensure your systems are not exploited.

Client Testimonials

Hear about our satisifed customer’s experiences of having an IT discovery workshop or cyber security assessment

How will a workshop or assessment affect my work environment?

It won’t. Our workshops and assessments are designed to be non-disruptive, this means that all your dedicated Valis advisor will need is a quiet space to explore and discuss your current situation with the big boss.

How can a workshop or assessment benefit my SME’s top priorities?

By learning how your existing IT operations support your company and how it compares with competitors in your industry, you can find the best method for aligning IT with your most important goals.

I’m just trying to focus on my business. I don’t have time to discover IT…

We know. By discovering how we can manage your IT landscape, our aim is to give you the long-term breathing space to stop managing IT and focus on what you do best: your business.

Am I obliged to purchase an IT package following a workshop or assessment?

No. Our on-budget workshops and assessments are simply there to lay everything out on the table so that you can make an informed decision. Of course we want your technology to be as efficient and safe as possible, but there is no pressure to follow our advice or buy anything. Scare-mongering just isn’t our style.

Workshops and Assessments: Overall Benefits

Gain professional and tailored advice, given onsite at your convenience

Decipher how your existing IT management can increase market-share and margins

Understand how well your SME could withstand a targeted attack

Explore security specs, privacy concerns and how to detect problems early

Receive a clear plan to improve IT operations and reach full potential

Benefit from a cost-effective, bespoke report which is built around you and the cyber attacks of today

Technology keeps changing. Cyber attacks keep growing.

If you can’t keep up your business isn’t just hindered, it’s also put at risk. Don’t get left behind, contact us to arrange an assessment today.

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