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IT Support London
By outsourcing your IT needs you will gain smoother operation, continuity across your systems
and more time to focus on your core business.

Fully Managed IT Support

Streamlining your systems to bring reliability to your IT. We are able to join the dots for you.

Your technology in safe hands: because we act as an extension of your organisation, we make sure we thoroughly understand your business and technology needs, so we always offer a valuable service and practical advice. Plus, we go out of our way to ensure our services always stay on time and budget.

Benefits for your business
Eliminating costly downtime & increasing productivity
Concentrating on your goals instead of IT distractions
Getting more for your money with strategic technology
Safeguarding your data with systems that ensure optimum network security
Depending on 24/7 on-call IT support when you need it most
Quick implementation and scalability on demand

Cloud Services as Versatile as Your Requirements

As part of managing your IT services, we’ll also get you utilising the cost-saving enigma that is the cloud (we’ll break down what the bloomin’ heck we mean by “the cloud” too).

The way in which businesses manage IT is changing. The cloud itself is a real economic leveler in the marketplace and now, even the smallest firms can leverage economies of scale to use technology 24/7 without breaking the bank.


We can help you join the pack of those already benefitting from scalable and flexible cloud services which can be adapted to your needs.

Professional Services

An extensive range of IT professional services delivered on time and to budget by our expert technical services team.

Tell us your business needs and we’ll make it happen. Along with a team of highly technically skilled and industry certified consultants, ensures that our clients get the very best systems to keep their businesses ahead.

Benefits for your business
IT Consultancy, your business IT roadmap for current and future requirements
IT Project Delivery. Needs analysis, Design and recommendation, Implementation and configuration, User testing and acceptance
Virtualisation with VMware, Hyper-V and Citrix
Help you to assess any risks and develop a structured recovery plan to ensure business continuity
Procurement, helping you maximise your IT investment

Connectivity Services

Our connectivity services accelerate performance by providing the network, security and communication tools required to do business in the fast lane.

We know how important communication is to your business, which is why we listen to your connectivity needs and provide you with the best possible solution within budget..


We hate to boast but our connectivity services really are top-notch. We offer: affordable private connections, fast internet access and resilient networks no matter your requirement.

Web & Bespoke Software Development

Websites and online commerce development for your business.

We also help customers with Custom software development when off the shelf software won’t do. We’ll start with any requirements or ideas you have and propose the best step forward.

Businesses need to change their traditional IT landscape to keep employees engaged. Whether you need to increase staff productivity, automate administrative processes or track key business metrics.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Businesses today have limited choices for true business continuity. Sure, data backup solutions are widely available, but most only backup the data and do not guarantee uptime for key systems like servers, email systems, and customer databases.

The bottom line is that Valis can offer state of the art data backup and disaster recovery across your whole business to drastically reduce downtime.

Preserved Productivity

Structured Recovery Plan

Bullet Proofed Business

Stop managing IT. Manage your business instead.
Pass along the demands of technology to us so that you can focus your energies on doing what you do best: running your business.
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