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Secure – Cyber Security London

Live Security for your SME

Let’s talk cyber security. Gone are the days where you could whack some generic anti-virus on your computer and pat yourself on the back.


In cyber security, change is the only constant. With attacks always evolving, your valuable assets are more vulnerable than ever.


To stay secure and keep business running smoothly, organisations like yours must shift their efforts from the reactive, towards an approach which is pre-emptive, multifaceted and truly delivers value.


Cyber security done right is a process of continuous improvement (ad infinitum)


We can ensure it evolves and adapts as quickly as the hackers trying to undermine it


Threats are handled with skill, speed and a truly holistic approach by us at every stage


Ultimately, we also make sure it supports your business to meet your long-term goals

Bullet Proof your Business

Signing up with us isn’t just opting for ad-hoc security assistance. From ongoing support, growing technology and reliable prevention and response methods, here are the powerful solutions you stand to gain.

Start Strong

Right from the start, our experts will run a full audit, providing security planning and project management. This will be followed by full configuration setup, testing and implementation, and ongoing management and support.


Plan for risks and know your adversaries. Our rapid detection solutions will help you red-flag any vulnerabilities and prepare your SME for cutting-edge cyber attacks before they happen.


Similarly, we will ensure a pre-emptive incident response approach across your systems. This means minimising potential attacks and preventing incidents.


Recognise relevant incidents and threats: our fully managed service detects, measures and gathers evidence regarding advanced attacks – and you’ll be notified that same day.


Respond with Valis behind you. Our cyber security services will enable you to react to threats promptly and overcome attacks, with actionable guidance from our experts.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint protection is the foundation of cyber security. With a BYOD culture on the rise, we use next-generation technologies to address the risks presented by devices connecting to your network.

Keep Pace with Security Challenges

Data manipulation and information theft methods are constantly developing. Protect your most valuable assets with cyber security which can evolve faster than the attacks do.

Get Secure